We’re very pleased that Babur has had good reviews since opening in 1985 and continues to be well reviewed in guidebooks, in the press and online.


But the reviews that are most important to us are from our customers and we aim to please each one of them every day.


We’re proud to be serving customers from our local area and from further away for over 27 years. We look forward to welcoming you.

The AA Restaurant Guide 2013

‘A smart, comfortable space with fantastic food’


“The simple, stylish décor of this contemporary Indian makes quiet an impact: there are American walnut tables, blue limestone floors, chocolate brown banquettes, exposed brick walls and industrial ducting, and eye – catching suede and leather triptychs as well as a textile kalamkari painted with intricate Sanskrit text. Luckily this is not a case of style over substance, as the kitchen delivers an out-of-the-ordinary repertoire of contemporary creative ideas that borrow freely from eastern and western culinary modes. Tamarind – glazed quail breast toasted in the tandoor and served with bubble-and-squeak leg meat is not a starter you are likely to have encountered before, nor is ostrich, which is clove - smoked and marinated in Rajasthani spices. Moving along to the main course, how about rabbit, pot roasted in rabbit broth, mustard and ginger and served with garlic roti, or steamed, spice - crusted shoulder of lamb marinated for 100 hours in a spicy Punjabi masala, served with beetroot khichdi and lamb jus? End with an Indo – Scottish cranachan – made with Indian Amrut malt whisky and buffalo milk. Helpful wine suggestions make tricky food paring easier.”

Come Con Ella

Brockley's local Indian Babur restaurant is a far cry from the neon signed ones that grace most neighbourhoods in London. This is a place for the sophisticated eater and drinker. I have rarely seen such attention to detail in a local neighbourhood restaurant. Babur is most definitely one of the best Indian dinners that m and I have had.

Dotty Dishes

Babur is not just any old Indian restaurant - it is unique, exciting and fresh and most definitely somewhere you would want to go for 'a nice meal out' rather than just 'a curry'. From the tiger on the roof - which is something I loved straight away and is about as chinzty as Babur gets.

Fluid London

Innovative, sophisticated, modern: sycophantic descriptions usually reserved for the worlds of engineering, architecture, and the arts. If innovative, sophisticated and modern all went for counselling, then Babur would be their counsellor, without ever being remotely connected to Norman Foster, Damien Hirst or Isambard Kingdom Brunel. And that’s because Babur is simply a restaurant.....from the planet Totally Bloody Brilliant! Now how’s that for sycophantic? Any restaurant that has two enormous flags and a great big Bengal tiger stationed outside its entrance must be worth keeping an eye on. If you haven’t been there already, prepare your jealously cortex now. You will love this restaurant more than your own skin. continue reading


Babur, an Indian restaurant, has been here 25 years this year and is understandably celebrating. Much has changed inside, the décor is modern and cleanly comfortable and the kitchen has moved with the times. This is now very contemporary Indian cuisine indeed, artistically presented, innovative, exciting and as good as any Michelin starred Indian ‘in town’ but at half the price. Yes really, I kid you not.

Take the 25th Anniversary tasting menu. It’s £32 50 for four courses; £44.50 if you have the matching wines by the glass and you really should because they’ve been very well chosen.

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The Good Food Guide 2013

Cooking: 2

Creative surroundings and creative cooking


Famed for its creative approach to art and design, this classy-looking Indian proves the point with ethnic triptychs, hand-woven kantha table runners and a handwritten kalamkari horoscope by the entrance. Against a backdrop of exposed brick, glass and veneered timber, customers can also sample creative dishes that show flashes of innovation and respect for the sub-continent’s regional traditions. Pan-seared mackerel with apple and coriander salsa, clove-smoked ostrich, and spice-crusted shoulder of lamb with beetroot khichdi share the billing with goat patties, chicken biryani and twice-marinated tandoori prawns with prawn pickle purée. Sunday lunch is a leisurely family buffet, cocktails are worth sipping and wines start at £16.50.

Hardens 2013

Food - Exceptional, Service - Very good, Ambience - Very good

“Easily the finest Indian restaurant in SE London”, this “superb” Honor Oak Park spot pulls in a huge fan club with its “really top-notch” cuisine (from a menu that “changes often to reflect different regional specialties”).

The Independent 50 Best Curry Houses

'People don't come here and ask for curry house dishes - instead they enjoy the wonderful offerings of the highly talented chef and his team,' explains Peter. 'The restaurant only has 74 covers and is very popular so booking is advised. It must be the leading restaurant in the UK for its specialist festivals and events, which range from Burns Night and its Nepalese haggis to fantastic regional Indian cuisine events.'

Marmaduke Scarlet

To be honest, I would have gone through hell and high water to go for a tasting at Babur. Their food is constantly delicious and full of surprises, so I would have cleared my diary, come what may. I can't tell you specifically about their new summer tasting menu, since it hasn't been announced yet.

Marmaduke Scarlet (2011)

Babur is a glorious little restaurant in (the wilds of) south London. Forest Hill to be exact. It is an absolute gem, a jewel. And the irony for me is that it turns out that it takes only half an hour to get to there by train from where I live in the depths of north London.

Maxine Clayman's Hidden Gems

From the moment we sat down we were salivating at the food the table next to us had ordered. But choosing what to have from the mouthwatering menu was a bit of a tall order. While we were trying to work out what to eat we decided to have a cocktail from the drinks menu, which sounded just as interesting.

Michelin Guide 2013

Good looks and innovative cooking make this passionately run and long-established Indian restaurant stand out. Influences from the south and north west feature most and seafood is a highlight - look out for the ‘Treasures of the Sea’ menu.

Square Meal

Proof that south-east London really does have it all, Babur is an award-winning Indian restaurant next to a carpet shop. Step inside the brick-lined dining room, & the tone is set by Ajit Kumar Das’s stunning kalamkari wall hanging. Just as the painted cloth is an exercise in precision, so each dish is a fine-tuned combination of top British produce with Asian spices & aromatics. Favourites include marinated Welsh lamb tikka, black cod in spiced mustard oil with mustard mash, & a really well-made chicken biriyani with cucumber raita. Chilli isn’t the point here, but spicy dishes such as buffalo vindaloo are marked on the menu with a cute little tiger’s head – two denotes ‘roaring hot’. Customers are encouraged to get involved during occasional tasting nights, helping to decide which trial dishes make it onto the full carte. Wines & cocktails are up to the mark.


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The Sunday Times Top 200 Restaurants

The best dining in South East London

Zagat 2013 London Restaurants

Zagat Best Indian Restaurant 2013

"Worth the journey" from anywhere.

Food 27  Decor 22  Service 25

"Taking Indian food to new heights", this Dulwich destination presents "amazing gourmet" cuisine with "exciting flavour combinations" and "seasonal" specials made with "not typical" meats (quail, haddock, venison and rabbit have all been spotted); the "classy" exposed brick digs are home to staff who exhibit real "enthusiasm" as they deliver the fare and "fantastic cocktails", all "great value" - and "worth the journey" from anywhere.