Decongestion bonus

Like central London, at Babur we also have a congestion problem. With only 74 seats we can’t accommodate everyone who wants to dine at peak times. Unlike central London, we offer a carrot rather than a stick. Guests who are willing to dine before 7pm or after 9pm can claim a Decongestion Bonus. Order a minimum of two courses and we’ll offer you a 50% discount on your main course.

Wednesday Wine night

£17.25 for any bottle you fancy, red or white! We really love the wines we’ve selected and would like you to feel free to roam through our list and order at will - so on Wednesdays, they're all one price. Do ask Rupam, our wine champion anything you’d like to know about any of the wines on our list. Please click here to download the Wednesday Wine Night voucher


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