Many people find Indian sweets a bit too heavy and sweet for the end of a meal, so our desserts are hybrids mixing East and West. Either from a traditional Indian basis made more friendly to being served at the end of a meal, or from a European basis with Indian flavours.


We've also paired up dessert wines (in smaller servings at a combined price) with some of our desserts and the combination is really very enjoyable.

Spiced chocolate fondant, with pistachio gelato     5.95Served with a glass of Monastrell Enesencia, Spain 50ml 8.75     Steamed banana and rum pudding with caramel sauce  4.95Served with a glass of Passito di Pantelleria, Italy,50ml 7.95Caramelised pineapple tarte tatin, with vanilla gelato  5.25Served with a glass of Passito di Pantelleria, Italy,50ml  8.25  Mango brulé  4.95Served with a glass of Orange Muscat Essencia, California, 50ml  7.95Kulfi –   Home made Indian ice cream  4.75    Stem ginger and honey or Old Monk rum and raisin                                   
Gelatos*  4.75Vanilla, pistachio, salted caramel or chilli chocolateSorbets*   4.95Alphonso mango, sugarcane and ginger or passion fruit

Dessert wines 100ml       Passito di Pantelleria DOC, 2010, Sicily, Italy  6.25Orange Muscat Essencia, 2009, Andrew Quady, California  5.95Monastrell Dulce, Enesencia, DDO Yecla, 2003, Spain  5.25                                           

*Our gelatos and sorbets are made for us by Laboratorio Artigianale del Buon Gelato, Brixton

Brandy Alexander   6.95Brandy, Kahlua and cream shaken together, dusted with nutmeg Frozen volcano     7.25Raspberry, Cointreau, Lychee Li, vodka Mocha martini    7.25Shot of espresso, dark chocolate and coffee liqueur, vodka